At Sturdy Design it is always a collaborative approach. We are a full service interior design firm that can work with you from concept to completion and also offer custom drapery, furniture, wall coverings and more to satisfy all your design needs.

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STURDY DESIGN CO. is a creative hive of savvy designers. Synchronized by how you want to live, and how you want to feel, in the place we all know is so much more than a home, their work will stir your heart and feed your soul. Just like any hive they know that precision is the foundation of good design (have you ever seen a lop sided octagon hive?) and humming or buzzing to the same tune gets the job done.

So they developed a nifty little planning tool that gets you to the heart of what you want. Even if you are not sure what you want. Even if all you are sure about is that you don’t want what you have. Sturdy Design Co can translate what matters to you, into design that tells your story, and will have you clicking your ruby red slippers together and saying “I want to go home” all day long.


The Sturdy Artwork is a collection of original photography by James Sturdy that is available for purchase. The pieces can be printed on canvas with gallery framing and metallic paper with acrylic mounts. Let us know what pieces you would like to order.

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